Virtual Machine

Karvl Virtual Machine

Experience simple tools, scalable, dependable, and easy to deploy virtual machines with predictable monthly pricing that delivers superior performance.

  • Simple and Seamless Cloud Products

Karvl Cloud is designed with simplicity in mind, provide developers with access and tools to enterprise-level cloud computing on-demand that offer unmatched cost efficiency for performance in the industry. The cloud product is easy to deploy, scalable with transparent and predictable monthly pricing. It means that developers, high growth startups, and enterprises could focus on growing their business and get where they need to be.

  • Floating IP

To minimize downtime and single points of failure, you could obtain floating IPs. A floating IP is an IP address that can be moved instantly from one virtual machine to another. It offers developers peace of mind knowing that the applications could withstand failover situations. There is an extra charge for IP address that is reserved but not assigned to any virtual machine.

  • Backup and Snapshot

Both backups and snapshots serve as disk images for your virtual machine. Our virtual machine includes weekly image backup at no extra cost. This feature allows you to create duplicate of images for disaster recovery. Backups are generated automatically and retained for one week. To retain a backup for an extended period, you could convert it to a snapshot.

Snapshots are created manually and retained until you decide to remove them. Snapshots are highly beneficial for brief periods of recovery, evaluating new setups or software upgrades. When snapshots are created, snapshot pricing applies.

  • High Performance Infrastructure

Focus on your business instead of cloud infrastructure with Karvl cloud solutions that are easy, fast, and flexible computing built for a range of workload needs. Equipped with optimized network design and secure data center, Karvl cloud put you in the driver’s seat, ready to build and grow your business. 

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